Here is a breakdown of what each transaction type means.

Complete: this is the easiest; both systems (Community Funded and your payment processor) have processed and recognize a transaction as successful.

Incomplete: this means that someone clicked the button on the Community Funded checkout page to continue to your payment processor, but we were not notified of a successful transaction. This could be because someone got to the payment form and decided to not continue. It could also mean that the connection was lost during the process, there was a timeout, etc., which resulted in us not getting a ping back that the transaction was successfully complete. If you have a record from your payment processor of a completed transaction but you’re not seeing it reflected on the campaign, this is likely where you’ll find it.

Abandoned: this means that someone put an item in their Community Funded basket and either never clicked the continue button to the payment processor form, OR they transitioned from the CF checkout page to the payment processor form and clicked back so that they went back to the Community Funded basket. A pretty good indicator if someone hit the page and left or was playing with the back button is whether or not there is a name with the record.  If there’s a name and transaction ID, the person transitioned from the Community Funded checkout form to your payment processor (when the name details are saved), then started hitting the back button.