Clicky is a site analytics tool that comes with your Community Funded implementation if you wish. It provides insight into visitor behavior and can help you track a host of data points.
You will receive login credentials from your Implementation Specialist. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Help Desk.
Clicking Help will bring you to their Knowledge Base, which has some great information.  They can also be reached at
At a high level, here’s what you will see:
  • Dashboard: this section gives an overview of the activity on your site.  You’ll see that there are glimpses of larger sections in the header.  Keep in mind, you can change the number of days that are being analyzed in the upper right corner.
  • Visitors: This section reveals a visitor log, action log, traffic sources, etc.
  • Content: This section shows you which pages are getting the most views, how long people are on the page, etc.
  • Platforms: if you’re curious what browsers or operating systems are most popular for your visitors, this is the place to look.
  • Locale: this section will show you the countries, regions, cities, etc of your visitors.
  • Spy: this feature is great if you want to check out what is happening in real-time.
  • Big Screen: You’ll see (refreshed every minute) the activity on your page.