Custom fields allow you to map unique identifiers like fund designation, appeal or allocation code, or general ledger identifiers at the campaign level. These fields will help you map donations that come in through your Community Funded portals to the appropriate funding designations in your reporting system. Here is a breakdown of how these fields work:

Display Name is the name of the fund. This is what displays to donors and appears on checkout cart items and on donor receipts, along with the corresponding campaign name.

Display Name is paired with the default field, ‘Fund Designation.’ This field is designed to accept the “less friendly” code for the fund in question. For example, if you have an Athletics department, but there are separate funds for uniforms, equipment, and facilities, you can designate ‘Athletics’ as the Display Name and ‘034AT’ as the designation. These fields collectively make up the “fund.”

Next, there are fields that are attached to the campaign, but not attached directly to the fund designation. There is only one instance of each type of these fields. For example, a single campaign can only be attached to one appeal code.

What Community Funded needs from you during your portal’s implementation process is the field names that you use to map gifts in your gift processing system. For example, we need to know that you need the fields ‘Fund Designation’ and ‘Appeal Code’; we do not need a list of the actual designations or codes – you can enter those yourself in the CF campaign editor.

We do need to know how these fields map to your payment processor and reporting system. Most of these fields are straightforward. If your payment processor needs a specific fund value to complete the transaction, this field must be part of the fund.


On a single campaign, you will have the following fields:

  • Fund Designation
  • Appeal
  • General Ledger
  • Org Internal Tracking Code

Fund Designation and Appeal are attached to each other, and are always selected together; General Ledger, Org Internal Tracking Code are always attached to that campaign, regardless of the Fund Designation that is chosen.

NOTE: You can add multiple funds to a single campaign. This will automatically create a dropdown list for donors to select their specific desired designation. Reports detail which designation is selected with each donation.