If you are trying to upload an image to any of the following locations, and you are encountering problems, there are some things you can try before reaching out.

  • Campaign banner image
  • User or Organization avatar
  • Campaign description window
  • Campaign updates window
  • Campaign-level thank you email
  • Standard program banner image or description
  • Giving Event program image, coming soon page, or description window
  • Platform-wide thank you email
  1. Make sure your image is acceptable dimensions.
    • Campaign banner image: 960×400 px
    • User or organization avatar: 150×150 px
    • Campaign description window: no more than 1000×1000 px
    • Campaign updates window: no more than 1000×1000 px
    • Campaign-level thank you email: no more than 1000×1000 px
    • Standard program banner image: 700×400 px
    • Standard program description: no more than 1000×1000 px
    • Giving Event program image: 700×400 px
    • Giving Event program coming soon page: be careful with images over 1000×1000 px
    • Giving Event program window: no more than 1000×1000 px
  2. Make sure that your image is no more than 10 MB
  3. Make sure that your filetypes are .jpg or .png ONLY. No pdf, no .jpeg.
  4. If you  do not see a save button, or clicking “want to change your image?” results in no file picker window, refresh the page.
  5. If you see a broken image icon, reload the page and then try again.
  6. If the loading bar (blue, at the top of the page while the system is trying to upload) hangs for more than 5 seconds, your file may be too large. If the page goes blank, the page has timed out, and you should a) reload the page and b) make the file smaller.
  7. If you do not see a save button, but you do see a crop button, the crop function will save the image.
  8. If you still cannot get your image to load, contact helpdesk@communityfunded.com.