Here’s how you can test your payment processor with some real data to see how everything maps.
  1. Attach a real Fund ID and Fund Description (or whatever your custom fields are called) to the custom fields tab of one of your campaigns.
  2. While you are in the campaign editor, click “preview”. This will show you the preview layout of your campaign. Click make a donation, and then Donate Now.
  3. Put a donation in your basket and check out. Maybe do a few in a row. You can refund them all right after you download a report, and we can zero it out on our end.
  4. Go to the Campaigns tab > Tools dropdown, select Reporting.
  5. On that next page, you can download a report. That will show you exactly what our system spits out, from custom fields through donor checkout questions.
  6. You can also pull platform-level reports by navigating to Platform > Reporting. Please click search before you click download, even if you don’t select any filtering.

It wouldn’t hurt to “abandon” a couple of transactions too – one before you fill out the first checkout page (ours, with the Continue to Next Step button at the bottom) and before entering any credit card information. Then you can filter by “incomplete” to see what that looks like, and then filter by “abandoned”.

The difference between abandoned and incomplete is where a donor quits the process, and if something is marked “incomplete”, the donor filled out all their information and hit “Continue to Next Step”, but our system did not receive a successful ping back from the payment processor. This can happen when donors close their browser page very quickly after hitting the donate button, or through page timeouts or other internet interruptions, and it’s not super common, but every once in a while you’ll get a donation that doesn’t show up on the campaign, but does show up in your reporting. This is the first place to check in that event!
You can “check out” a transaction that you have listed as complete in your system by clicking the green Check Out button, and that donation will display as expected on the campaign that was supported.