With your platform is in test mode, you can go to your campaign preview page and walk through the checkout process, as outlined below:

a) go to the preview page of your test campaign.
b) click make a donation, and enter an amount in the box
c) click donate now
d) fill out your info on the checkout page
e) hit continue to next step
f) log into Community Funded, and go to Platform > Reporting
g) in the “transaction type filter, select “incomplete” (NOTE: if you cannot see transaction type, ask your platform owner to adjust your administrator settings, or ask an admin with this permission turned on)
h) you will see the donation you just -almost- made
i) you can check out the incomplete donation if you wish, to see how it will look on the downloaded report, or you can leave it as ‘incomplete’. That’s entirely up to you!
j) when you are finished testing, you can either delete these test campaigns entirely, or you are welcome to let us know if you would like us to remove test donations.