There are a couple of different layers to who is displayed as a campaign owner, and who administrates and receives communications about a campaign.

Campaign creators are automatically the owners of the campaigns they create. However, the displayed owner can be changed on a by-campaign basis, as well as at an app code level.

To change the displayed owner at the campaign level, navigate to the Campaigns tab. Then, select “Edit Campaign” from the Tools dropdown. On the Personal Info tab, you may change the Display Name to whatever you wish, and add an Organization Name.

To change the displayed owner at an app code level, and make your organization or institution the displayed campaign creator, navigate to Platform > Application Codes. Find the application code you want to alter (or create a new one). Scroll down to the Display Settings section, and toggle the “Displayed Campaign Creator” to “Platform.”

To change the campaign owner from one user to another, please contact the Community Funded help desk. Please provide the campaign name and campaign ID if you have it, and the first and last names as well as email addresses of both the current campaign owner and the person to which you wish to transfer ownership.