Offline donations count toward your overall campaign, program, or giving event aggregate totals.

You can account for donations received through other avenues (cash, checks, online donations through other pages) in two ways:

  1. Navigate to an individual campaign’s Advanced Donor Tools tab (Campaigns tab > Advanced Donor Tools, then the Offline Fundraising section). You can type offline donations in one by one, or download a .csv template to fill out from that same window, and upload multiple gifts together (no more than 100 at a time, please!)
  2. Navigate to your Platform tab, and then to Upload Donors. From here, you can upload offline gifts that are designated to each campaign, but all in one spreadsheet. There is a .csv template to download there. (No more than 100 at a time, please!)

PLEASE NOTE: Do not change any column headers. Do not rearrange or add columns. If you try to upload and get any 500-errors (504, 505, etc.) your file is too large – try splitting it up and upload again. If the upload times out or takes more than 10-15 seconds, please reload the page before you try to upload again. Sometimes larger uploads work but don’t appear to at first, so give it a moment to populate before trying again. Please save your files as .csv ONLY – no fancy file types!