Managing a giving event encompasses a number of factors.

For general best practices and planning, see this Ultimate Guide.

You should also consider what it will take to properly resource and allocate time to uploading offline gifts on or immediately after the day. You can upload offline gifts in bulk; you can find the template under Campaigns tab > Tools dropdown, select Advanced Donor Tools > download the template. NOTE: do not leave blank values or modify column headers when you try to upload this file as a .csv; please also limit rows to around 50 per upload.

If you have challenges, ensure that you have sufficient staff to manage them and a plan to update your networks as challenges end.

Make sure that you have sufficient reporting processing staff to audit reports from the Community Funded system (campaign level, platform level, and optionally implemented S3 reports) and your gift processing system.

NOTE: you should test how gifts flow from CF reports into your gift processing system ahead of your giving event if possible. If not, chances are the information you are looking for is stored somewhere in your system or ours. Please feel free to ask questions!