If you are trying to figure out how to launch your campaign, first locate the orange “Ready to Submit?” button. This button will display an error if you are still missing information in the campaign application that is required. It appears in the upper right corner of the main window of the campaign application.

If clicking the button triggers a window that says you are missing information, look through all of the required tabs on the left side of your campaign application to make sure that every tab with a red asterisk also displays a green check mark.

Common areas where information is missing are the Personal Info tab (all fields except for Display Name and Organization Name are required) and the Categories tab (you can select a CF category, but please remember to click save on this tab.)

When you are able to submit for review, click the orange button, and then review your info. Then click the green Submit button on the review page, and your campaign will enter into the review process specific to your portal. The campaign may have an extensive review chain, so keep an eye out for emails from your platform’s admin team.

If you are still stuck or have questions, contact Technical Support.