Application codes are grouped settings you can apply to campaigns to govern campaign attributes, what is displayed to donors, what information is available to campaign creators, and which fields in campaign applications are enabled, optional, or required.

Below is a detailed account of each setting.

Universal Code Settings 

Title: give your application code a name that will help you identify it easily later (example: Default, invisible goal)

Choose a portal: app codes are applied to individual portals. Select the portal you want for this app code.

Notes: leave some notes about the application code if you wish.

Default guidelines enable a short list of items campaign creators must agree to in order to submit an idea to your portal(s). These guidelines are optional.

If you want your campaign creators to be able to see all of the information that Community Funded collects when a donation is made, set the “Campaign Creator Gets all Supporter Info” to Yes. If you need to restrict what your campaign creators are able to see and download, select No.

NOTE: Community Funded does not collect credit card information.

You can set who can launch a campaign by toggling between Campaign Creators or Admins. Campaign creators can only ever launch their own campaigns with approval. These rules can be modified in app code settings.

Goals & Timeline

You can set the goal type for every campaign that uses this app code. Select between dollars or donors, or allow your campaign creator to decide which goal type to pursue.


With this setting, you can dictate who sets the timeline: admins or campaign creators.

Fundraising Tools

This group of settings governs what tools are available at the campaign level (for every campaign that uses this app code) and who manages it:

  • whether a video is required
  • whether rewards are enabled or not, the availability of sponsored reward functionality, and whether there are specific guidelines for rewards
  • whether offline fundraising is enabled, and who manages this functionality
  • whether there is a campaign-level custom email for campaign creators to use
  • how campaign updates are utilized, if at all, and how they are governed

Sharing Tools

This section governs how campaigns can be shared, and which tools can be used.

Display Settings

This group of settings governs several aspects of what is displayed on campaign pages. You can set who is displayed as the campaign creator, and whether or not the supporter list, map, progress bar, goal level, total amount funded, supporter count, and days remaining display. Mix and match to fit your needs.

Additional Settings

Under this heading, you can enable or disable the campaign budget and whether or not campaign heroes display.